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Monterosso Cinque Terre Italy

Explore Italy

Custom Tailored Itineraries,
Designed With You. 

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Let's work together to build the trip of your dreams.

If you have dreamed of visiting Italy but aren't sure where to begin, we can help you design your own itinerary.  Our goal is to create an authentic Italian experience tailored to your interests. We work with our partners in Italy to design and develop local experiences, allowing us to craft a tour that is as unique as you are. 

Val d'Orcia Italy

Whatever your interests, we can make it happen.

Our custom itineraries include:

Free Consultation

We meet in person or remotely for an initial consultation. understand your travel goals, your budget, and your interests. 

Tips and Tricks 

We provide our clients with comprehensive travel guidance. From sample packing lists to Italian language primers, we strive to set you up for success! 

Planning Session

We develop an itinerary based on your goals, then meet in person or remotely to tailor it to your plans.

Private App

Your complete itinerary is built into our custom app.  From train tickets to custom maps, your plan is laid out in an accessible way. 

Flight Booking Guidance

We are happy to help you navigate choosing the best best flights for your tour. We offer remote or in-person assistance.

Concierge Service

We provide real-time customer service during your tour, and work with our partners on the ground in Italy to ensure a worry-free trip.

Below you will find sample itineraries designed to spark your imagination! 

Do you have the soul of an artist? Have you dreamed of learning about different artistic techniques in a hands-on atmosphere with no pressure other than the joy of the experience? Work with master painters in Florence to learn how the Renaissance masterpieces were created, and put your personal touch on your own masterpiece. Learn from marble artisans and create your own decorative marble piece with a custom-designed inlay. Work alongside a classically trained restorer as you make paper in the renaissance style or learn the process of restoration and conservation of historical documents in a hands-on workshop. You can also experience guided tours of museums, visit local artisan markets, and immerse yourself in the thriving artistic culture of the city. 

The Art Lover's Tour


A Foodie's Dream

Cooking Class
Wine Tasting
Making Pasta

Italy is a food lover's dream, and each region, province, and town have their own unique take on the local ingredients. From the pecorino cheese, truffles, and Bistecca Fiorentina, in Tuscany to the Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, and Balsamic Vinegar di Modena of Emilia Romagna, no two offer the same cuisine. 
Spend a week learning, exploring, creating, and tasting delicious foods. Experience a cheesemaking class at a working farm, cook a classic Tuscan meal in a private apartment in Florence, and go on private food tours in Bologna and Modena.
Take part in an olive oil tasting with a trained olive oil sommelier, discovering the bouquet and top notes of monocultivar oils. Meet Italian beekeepers (and their bees) and taste the unique seasonal honeys of the region, from Ciliegia (cherry blossom) to Castagna (chestnut) 
You will eat at small, family-owned restaurants, taste the freshest, most authentic foods of the regions, and return home with the knowledge of how to prepare these meals in your own kitchen and a newfound appreciation for incorporating local, seasonal ingredients into your cooking.  

Do you love wine, history, and adventure? Explore small production vineyards that adhere to the time-honored traditions of winemaking. Taste DOCG wines, specific and unique to each region you visit. In Veneto, you will learn about the process of drying the grapes before pressing them to create ruby red Amarone, then explore the steep, rolling hills of  Valdbiadenne, where you will find the best Prosecco in Italy – Prosecco Superiore DOCG. In Emilia Romagna you will walk through vineyards filled with fossils from the period when the ocean covered this region, and sift sand, clay, and rich soil through your fingers as you see the grape vines up close. You will visit three local vineyards with an international travel writer and trained sommelier, meeting the families that create some of the region's signature wines, like Lambrusco, Albana, and Pignoletto. You can explore Tuscany, moving from rustic, local vineyards to the cellars of some of the finest Brunello producers in the world. Wine Tours include Wine Suitcase rentals so you have the opportunity bring home 6 or 12 bottles of local Italian wines you can't buy in the States. 

Sommelier in Training

Capanna Montalcino
Montalcino Brunello

The Adventurer

Capri Italy
Roman Food Market

Do you prefer to experience Italy's terrain in a different way? We offer Adventurer Itineraries that offer everything from riding Ducati Motorcycles through the rolling Tuscan hills to hiking canyons near the coast of the Adriatic Sea.
Ride bikes along the tops of ancient city walls, climb to the caldera of Mt. Vesuvius, or learn how to row a gondola in Venice.

Explore caves in
 a subterranean world of delicate calcareous formations and fairytale spires carved out by flowing water over the course of 100 million years, creating some of the most intricate chambers found in the world. 
If you are looking for adventure, look no further: We've got it covered! 


Dreaming of Italy? Let's chat! 

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