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  Join us this Winter for an Unforgettable Experience:
A Taste of Tuscany!

January 24th through February 5th, 2024

  Italian Chef Pietro Masi will be visiting the States for a series of private dinners and cooking experiences, with a series of events planned in Nashville, Atlanta, and Miami.

From Italian Cooking Experiences to Private Dinners,

bring a taste of Italy into your life this winter! 


Call or  Email  for more information

Pietro Masi performs Ô Sainte Médaille

from the opera Faust

All cooking experiences will be held at private locations booked specifically for these events. Nashville Experiences will take place in Franklin, Atlanta experiences will take place in Buckhead, Miami experiences location TBD

Reserve Your Place
at the Table!

Italian Cooking Experience Nashville

Please register each participant individually

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Upcoming Events: 

Cooking Experience.png

 4 Seats Available

 4 Seats Available

 3 Seats Available


A Taste of Tuscany Experiences:

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