Custom Guided Tours

New for 2023: For groups of up to six people, we offer fully customized itineraries. 

Would you like to visit Italy with a small group of friends or two other couples? We will work with you to create a custom, fully guided tour. 

If you have dreamed of visiting Italy with an intimate group of friends or family, but aren't sure where to begin, we can help you build your own fully guided tour. These tours can be seven to twelve days long, can incorporate multiple cities, and you will have a guide with you for the duration of the tour. This is perfect for groups that want a guided tour without the "big bus" experience. We offer two options: 

  • The Tour Menu: We provide you with a menu of pre-planned days from which you can choose your experiences. Then, we build your tour. You can add in free days, choose from a number of day trips, or choose to spend part of your tour at an Agriturismo in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. 

  • Tour Architecture: you tell us your vision and we will work with you to create the Italian tour you are dreaming of. 

All of our tours are designed for a maximum of six guests